UPS stops delivering to no-go areas in Sweden

So continues Sweden’s devolution to the dark ages:

UPS confirms that they no longer deliver to the area because the risk of being subjected to robbery and other crimes is too high. “Our drivers have been attacked and we have therefore decided not to distribute packages in Rosengård”, says a customer service employee.
The decision was made two months ago. Similar stops have been introduced in areas in Stockholm. And according to UPS, the new terms will remain in place as long as drivers are at risk of being attacked.
However, according to the Swedish police and left-wing politicians there are no “no-go zones” in Sweden. Only 61 “vulnerable areas”, which need prioritising and more attention from the police. 23 of these areas are identified as “particularly vulnerable.” Another handful are deemed to be in the “risk zone”.
Police, ambulance personnel, postal workers, and parking attendants are routinely attacked and chased away in various locales throughout Sweden. Migrants have been caught on surveillance video chasing away police while yelling that the officers are no longer in charge. As you can see above Swedish politicians have denied the existence of no-go zones for years, with leftists here in America carrying the Swedes’ water for them. You can read Buzzfeed’s efforts to dance to Sweden’s tune in this January 2017 article.
UPS’s announcement that it can no longer do business in some areas of Sweden when it is has the most generous refugee social welfare programs in Europe should not surprise anyone. Expect other companies to follow suit.
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