Democrats kill the Born Alive Infants Protection Act

As almost everyone knows by now, yesterday the Senate rejected the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. The bill required 60 votes to invoke cloture but 44 Democrats stood against it.  Apparently, aborting unborn babies isn’t enough. Killing those babies who manage to survive being aborted is the hill Democrats have chosen to die on.

There was a time when the extreme view – the shock the conscience view – was that babies weren’t truly alive until they were born. Most Democrats ran away from that take in favor of acknowledging the humanity of babies viable outside the womb. In fact, Democrats in both the House and the Senate passed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in 2002, and it was signed into law by President George H. W. Bush.

The Democrat Party of 2002, the party that saw those babies as worthy of protection, is very different from the Democrat Party of 2019, that now sees them as disposable, nothing more than just some woman’s unwanted property.

What makes all this so distressing is that those of us with a conscience, those of us who are horrified at what the Democrats have wrought, are helpless to save these babies. During World War II, as Hitler was in high gear of his Holocaust, a few selfless and brave individuals risked their lives and formed underground railroads of sorts to secret out as many men, women, and children as they could. The children and grandchildren of those they saved are alive today because of the risks they took. But it is not possible to do the same for these babies, as it their own mothers and doctors who want them dead. There are no Oskar Schindlers for them.

Update: According to a report in Axios, a new poll has found a “dramatic shift” on abortion attitudes, meaning more people are pro-life:

By the numbers: The poll found Americans are now as likely to identify as pro-life (47%) as they are pro-choice (47%). Last month, a similar Marist survey found that Americans were more likely to identify as pro-choice than pro-life 55% to 38%, a 17-point gap.

  • The survey also found that 80% of Americans support abortion being limited to the first three months of pregnancy, an increase of 5 percentage points since last month’s Marist poll.

Between the lines: Marist has been polling Americans’ attitudes on abortion for over a decade, and Carvalho told Axios this is the first time since 2009 that as many or more Americans have identified as pro-life as have identified as pro-choice.

  • But what Carvalho said she found most significant was that Democrats, specifically those under the the age of 45, seem to be leading the shift: This month’s poll found 34% of Democrats identify as pro-life vs. 61% pro-choice. Last month, those numbers were 20% and 75%, respectively.
  • Among Americans under 45, 47% identify as pro-life vs. 48% pro-choice. In January, those numbers were 28% and 65%, respectively.

“This has been a measure that has been so stable over time. To see that kind of change was surprising,” Carvalho said. “And the increased discussion [of late-term abortion] in the public forum in the past month appears to have made the biggest difference in how people identify on the issue.”

Is this really that much of a surprise when today’s Democrats say that to be pro-choice is to be pro-late-term abortion and pro-infanticide? The Democrats are redefining themselves in ways that more and more Americans simply can’t stomach.

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