Republicans and Late-Term Abortion

Slate has published a commentary about late-term abortion that every Republican should read.

It’s subtitle is “What it’s like to have the most devastating event of your life become a misrepresented political talking point.”

Click here to read it.

The theocrats in the Republican Party will probably reject the message that the commentary’s author is conveying. They are determined to turn their interpretations of the Tanakh and New Testament into criminal and civil law, in violation of the First Amendment. This is happening in the state of Oklahoma, where Republicans politicians constantly try to criminalize all abortions.

. . . and speaking of Oklahoma’s Republicans politicians, from the Tulsa World:

“U.S. Sen. James Lankford renewed his efforts to repeal the Johnson Amendment, a long-standing tax policy that prohibits religious congregations and other nonprofits from participating in partisan political activity. Lankford and other opponents of the law say it’s a First Amendment issue related to freedom of religion and speech.”

Senator Lankford is wrong about the Johnson Amendment. It doesn’t violate the First Amendment. Instead, it regulates what organizations are exempt from federal taxes. Nowhere does the First Amendment require the U.S. government to give tax-exempt status to churches.

For what it’s worth, the Christian faith doesn’t requires preachers and churches to talk about political issues.

The Christian faith doesn’t require its members to be theocrats, and it doesn’t require its members to coerce non-members onto conforming to behavioral standards based on interpretations of the Bible.

Christian ministers are supposed to be doing this:

Yet, too many of them have married their cultural and political beliefs to their interpretation of the Bible.

Everything that we hear, read and see is filtered through our personalities and our cultures. That goes for the Republican Party’s theocrats, too. They just don’t admit it.

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