Pennsylvania Admits To Non-Citizen Registered Voters

For those playing from home, this is two states now that have bothered to look, and both found significant numbers of registered voters who were not citizens.

Pennsylvania gov’t admits that more than 11,000 non-US citizens were registered to vote. Democratic governor tried to block the info.

Gov. Wolf stalled the release until after the election

By Mike Ciandela, the Blaze

More than 11,000 people who were registered to vote in Pennsylvania were found to not be citizens of the United States — and the state’s Democratic governor didn’t want anyone to know about it.

It’s as if the Dhimmocratic Governor expected these illegal registrants to break overwhelmingly for his party…

What’s the story?

Two Republican state lawmakers, Reps. Daryl Metcalfe and Garth Everett, released the information Tuesday. Metcalfe had requested this information from the state in February 2018, but the request was appealed by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, and stalled until Dec. 3, after the elections had already wrapped up.

On Dec. 3, the Pennsylvania Department of State sent a letter to Metcalfe, which indicated that a “possible” 11,198 voter registrations existed for people who were identified by the state as non-citizens.

Note that this information appears to have been known by the Pennsylvania Department of State prior to the 2018 mid-term elections, but that the information was withheld until after those elections had been certified.

The two states where issues have thus far been identified have, between them, more votes in the Electoral College than that most populous of states, California.

Time and past time to true the voter rolls and true the vote.

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