PM May’s Brexit Compromise Rejected, Government Survives.

Theresa May, PM of Her Majesties Government, tried to split the baby.  Her Parliament was having nothing of it:

Theresa May Brexit Deal Resoundingly Rejected by U.K. Parliament….

By sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

The British Parliament resoundingly rejected the proposed Brexit deal put forth by Prime Minister Theresa May earlier today.  Government officials on both sides of the contentious economic argument, globalists and nationalists, found little to support in May’s insufferable attempt to split the baby.  The vote was 432-Nay, and 202-Yea.

The defeat was immediately followed by a motion for a vote of no confidence.  May is done as PM, and there will either be a new government or a full on election withing two weeks.  Either way, the odds are there will be no approved deal before the deadline and thus Brexit will be hard.

Life in the era of Trump continues to be interesting.



The vote on the motion of no confidence was rebuffed 325-306.  Color me surprised.

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