Proposed border wall is folly.

The proposed wall along the USA’s entire southern border is folly, which is why congressional Democrats are refusing to roll over and give President Trump everything that he wants pertaining to the proposed wall.

The reason that the proposed border wall is folly is two-fold.

First, it isn’t feasible to build and to maintain a wall that would actually prevent anyone from crossing the USA’s southern border.

Second, as CBS News reports, “Only one-third of the recent undocumented immigrant population came to the United States through the southern border, according to the Center for Migration Studies (CMS), a New York City-based think tank. The rest came legally on work visas and stayed after they expired, according to CMS.”

One isn’t being anti-Trump or anti-Republican or anti-Conservative by pointing out the folly of proposing an unfeasible and ineffective wall.

The problem of illegal immigration is far more complex than President Trump and his supporters will admit.

It would be helpful if members of Congress – including Democrat members – would propose effective ways to reduce (if not completely eliminate) illegal immigration.

Granted, some local-level and state-level politicians might object to anything that prevents illegal immigration. In the past, such politicians have complained that illegal immigrants are needed to perform certain jobs.

Then there are the U.S. citizens and legal immigrants who aid and abet illegal immigration. What is to stop them from doing what they do?

Yes, the U.S. government should do everything feasible and effective to prevent illegal immigration, but President Trump is going about it the wrong way, and his tantrum (a.k.a. partial shutdown of the federal government) isn’t helping.

President Trump and his supporters need to learn from Chinese history. As states, the Great Wall of China “never effectively prevented invaders from entering China“.

By the way, if one is concerned about foreign terrorists entering the USA through Mexico, then one should read the U.S. State Department’s Country Reports on Terrorism 2017 which was released in September of 2018. On page 205 the report states, “Counterterrorism cooperation between Mexico and the United States remained strong in 2017. Improved information sharing regarding migrant populations constituted a major step forward. At year’s end there was no credible evidence indicating that international terrorist groups have established bases in Mexico, worked with Mexican drug cartels, or sent operatives via Mexico into the United States. The U.S. southern border remains vulnerable to potential terrorist transit, although terrorist groups likely seek other means of trying to enter the United States.”

Featured Image: Great Wall of China

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