Absolute War

Now that the Government Sort Of Shutdown is into its second week, those with bleating voices and spineless character have started urging conciliation … by the Right, of course, in order to restore politicians and their attendant lackeys to normal spending and posturing.

Screw that. We are at war, and it’s well past time to show teeth and claws.

There was a time when a Republican President offered a deal on immigration.

Democrats took what he offered then broke their promise, and they mocked the President with dirty names and lies.

Reagan was followed by another Republican who tried to work with Democrats and show them respect:

The Democrats lied about him in order to grab the White House, and mocked him as well.

The last two Democrats in the White House seized industries

literally raped women

abandoned a US diplomat and his bodyguard to be murdered

tried to put people out of business for following their conscience

Baker Jack Phillips decorates a cake in his Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado U.S. September 21, 2017. Picture taken September 21, 2017.

sent mobs to attack voters for supporting Trump

… the list is long and disgusting.

Face it, the Democrats’ nominee for President said just a few weeks ago that civility was not an option for Dmeocrats

When President Trump took office, Democrats defamed his SCOTUS appointee with lies and spite

just because they couldn’t defeat him on his actual record and character.

The Democrat-influenced media tried to squelch Trump’s return of manufacturing jobs

just because they didn’t want to admit Trump kept a promise

The Democrat-influenced media tried to hide low unemployment, especially among blacks and hispanics, and rising wages

again because they hated that the President was succeeding.

Let’s be plain: The Democrats started this war long ago

A war against Christians

A war against men

A war against working people

A war against the Constitution

This war will end when the Left surrenders and returns to the values and principles on which America was founded.

For now, it’s important to show the Left for the kind of beings they are

And they must be defeated at every battle.

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