2018 Comes To An End (and Open Thread)

It’s been quite a year.

On the Plus side, Hillary is still not President, and President Donald Trump continues to surprise me in pleasant ways.

On the less positive side it has become crystal clear that the Federal Bureaucracy is out of control, and that the Progressive Experiment with a permanent “professional” Civil Service no longer serves the interests of the Electorate nor the Republic.  The Democratic Congress recently elected has no motivation to correct this, and entirely too much motivation to allow this monstrosity to carry on.

On the personal front, my Lady Wife and I have quit the formerly Golden State.

We sold our home, packed the house, drove from San Jose to Valdosta (with our English Setter and Calico Cat), and are now settling into our 1986 1896 Queen Anne style home in Valdosta, GA.

Much work remains on the un-packing and decorating fronts, but we already feel more relaxed and better rested than we have in years.

As we become settled I intend to resume posting much more actively.

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