Are Congressional Democrats Correct About Climate?

Are congressional Democrats correct about the state of the Earth’s climate?

Before answering that question, let’s review the facts from the settled science.

1 – The climate has been changing for as long as there has been a climate.

2 – The climate would be changing even if Humans never existed.

3 – Global warming is inevitable because the Sun is growing brighter.

4 – Carbon in the atmosphere acts as a blanket around planet Earth. More carbon in the atmosphere means a greater blanket effect, which in turn produces a warmer climate.

Are congressional Democrats wrong to want to reduce – if not completely eliminate – that blanket effect?

Answer: No.

Congressional Democrats are correct in this case.

The blanket effect would be weakened if Humans used energy only from sources that didn’t produce carbon emissions. However, Mankind cannot suddenly go cold turkey regarding the use of fossil fuels.

On the flip side, green energy sources have their own problems, such as . . .

“Large hydropower dams ‘not sustainable’ in the developing world”

“More Nuclear Energy Is Not The Solution To Our Climate Crisis”

“Recent studies show flaws of wind power”

“The Disadvantages of Solar Energy”

In short, there is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to energy production.

Everyone wants Mankind to switch to cleaner sources of energy, but everyone wants someone else to pay for the switch.

Also, everyone balks at the prospect of having to live less comfortably. Writes Joel Kotkin, executive editor of, “The world, California included, needs to respond to the climate challenge with a pragmatism based on realism and respect for citizens’ aspirations. No democratic society can be expected to openly impose a radical decline in living standards.”

Plus, people who have invested in a particular type of energy production will fight tooth and nail to keep that type of energy production going.

If you want to know why climate is such a controversial topic, then follow the money. People tend not to sit quietly when their financial interests are threatened.

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