Congressional Democrats To Tackle Climate Change

Congressional Democrats are vowing to tackle the issue of climate change once the next session of Congress begins.

States The Hill, “Many of the incoming Democrats, including Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), are pushing progressive climate policies like transitioning the country completely to renewable energy and are clashing with current Democratic lawmakers over the policies.”

To those incoming Democrats I say . . .

It will be interesting to see if congressional Democrats are in touch with reality in regards to climate change.

Here is some of that reality:

1 – The climate has been changing for as long as there has been a climate.

2 – The climate will continue to change with or without Mankind’s contribution.

3 – It is inevitable that the Earth will grow warmer because the Sun is ever-so-slowly growing brighter.

4 – Mankind can reduce – if not completely eliminate – its emissions of greenhouse gases, but the Earth will still continue to grow warmer.

It will also be interesting to see if congressional Democrats are in touch with reality in regards to transitioning the country completely to renewable energy.

For example, New York City relies on steam to keep its buildings warm during the winter months, and the steam is produced through the use of fuel oil and natural gas – both being fossil fuels.

If NYC’s more-than-8-million people are to be kept warm without the use of fossil fuels, then a greater amount of electricity will have to be involved somehow. Either electricity will have to directly heat water for conversion into steam, or electricity will have to be used to split water into oxygen and hydrogen so that the hydrogen can be used as a fuel. Either way, the conversion will not be cheap for NYC residents. Nor can it occur rapidly.

The Earth’s supply of fossil fuels is finite, which is why those fuels are called non-renewable. So, Mankind will eventually be weaned off fossil fuels. Meanwhile, Mankind has technical hurdles to overcome before 100% green fuels can be used to support the 7+ billion people now living on planet Earth.

No, Mankind can’t switch to 100% green energy by a deadline set by the IPCC. Trying to do so would cause . . .

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