Remember when the Democratic Party was racist?

Remember when the Democratic Party was racist? That’s the way the Democratic Party was from its founding up to the late 20th Century.

Then, the racists abandoned the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party. Why they did so is anyone’s guess. After all, the GOP was formed to rid the USA of slavery, and later the GOP fought to provide black Americans with the same rights that white Americans have.

Now, the GOP is dealing with stupid racist acts such as . . .

“Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer (R) is calling for the resignation of a white county official who made a comment about being part of the ‘master race.’ Leavenworth County Commissioner Louis Klemp sparked backlash last week after making the comment, directed at a black woman during a public hearing. . . Klemp, who was appointed by the Republican Party, made the comments, which were recorded on camera, as an African-American woman was presenting for a landscape and architectural firm. . . Klemp has made controversial statements about race in the past, according to local reports, including referring to Confederate General Robert E. Lee as a ‘wonderful part of history’.”

Klemp needs to consider this statement by retired 4-star U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal:

“When you look at Robert E. Lee and you say, ‘Well, he was just a general,’ he was. He was a tremendous soldier, for 32 years in the United States Army; he was probably the most revered officer rising through the ranks. But at the critical moment of his life, he made a decision to side with the South and to try to destroy the country that his hero, George Washington, help found, and he did it in defense of slavery.”

America still needs the Republican Party in order to prevent America from becoming the United Socialist States of America. However, people like Klemp are responsible for giving the GOP a bad name.

No, Republicans are not all racists, and nowhere in the 2016 GOP platform will one find a promotion of a racist policy.

The Democratic Party still has the longer track record when it comes to racism.

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