Bearers Of False Witness

The Derp State and the Dhimmocrats have bet the farm on the mid-term elections.  If they can retake the majority in the House they can effectively kill the ongoing investigations which threaten them.  It’s certainly understood that the party not holding the Executive Branch tends to gain seats in mid term elections.  It’s also understood that mid terms are to a lesser degree the electorates response to the first two years of an Administration.  The problem is that for the pattern to hold the electorate must view the opposition party as competent, and more importantly, sane.

The Dhimmocrats are failing on the sanity issue.

Republican voters are predominating in early voting (they tend to vote more on election day than early, except when very motivated).

Republicans are still killing it in the early voting …

By Debra Heine, PJ Media, 02 November 2018

Keep in mind, the GOP usually does better in most of these states on Election Day than Democrats:

Via Democratic political data firm Target Smart:

Arizona  R +14 R +160,000 ( R+3 improvement from Oct 22 )

Florida   R +4   R +132,000  ( D+2 from Oct 22 )

Georgia R +7  R +80,000 ( D+2 from Oct 22 )

Indiana   R +20  R + 84,000 ( R+8 from Oct 22   )

Michigan R +18  R +132,000

Montana   R +18  R +39,000  ( R+1 from Oct 22 )

Nevada  D +3  D+11,000 ( R+4 from Oct 22 )

Ohio      R +10  R + 77,000

Tennessee  R +35   R +410,000 ( R+2 From Oct 22 )

Texas  R +15  R +689,000   ( R+5  from Oct 22 )

Wisconsin R +7 R+ 26,000 ( R+5   from Oct 25 )

According to NBC News, 24 million early-voting ballots already counted — more than 2014:

As of Wednesday, 43 percent of early voters are Republican and 41 percent are Democrats.

At this point in 2016, 43 percent of early voters were Democrats and 40 percent were Republicans.

At this point in 2014, though, 44 percent were Republican and 40 percent were Democrats.

This matters because the Republicans in Congress are clearly angry and doing something about it.

Senate Judiciary Committee Releases 414-Page Kavanaugh Report – Investigators Continue Review of Former FBI Agent Monica Lee McLean Involvement…

By sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

The Senate Judiciary Committee has released a lengthy report (full pdf below) containing the investigative material from the senate investigation of the Kavanaugh accusations.

On page #27 of the report the senate committee notes their intent to continue investigating the role of retired FBI Agent Monica Lee McLean, who appears to have been ‘handling‘ accuser and best friend, Christine Blasey-Ford:

This time they don’t get to walk away afterwards with no consequences.

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