GOP & Conservative Mainstream vs Trumpicans, Theocrats and Alt-Right

Members of the GOP and conservative mainstream constantly face trouble because others have them confused with Trumpicans, theocrats and members of the Alt-Right. Thus, clarification is needed.

Mainstream conservatives are people who want the federal government to conform to the entire U.S. Constitution, not just to parts of it. For example, conservatives respect the separation of church and state established by the U.S. Constitution and do not nitpick because the expression “separation of church and state” doesn’t appear in the U.S. Constitution.

Mainstream Republicans seek to keep the size of the federal government at a necessary minimum. They also favor the individual over the group. These Republicans will acknowledge the bad coming from any GOP members, even if the bad is coming from a Republican POTUS.

Trumpicans attack anyone who dares to criticize President Trump because they think he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. They rubber-stamp whatever Trump wants and ignore his character flaws.

Theocrats want civil law in the USA to conform to their religious beliefs, and they want a religious litmus test for candidates for public office. Theocrats will cite their religious beliefs for being opposed to same-gender marriage, abortion*, gambling*, alcohol sales* and the teaching about evolution in public schools**. Also, plenty of theocrats are opposed to atheists, agnostics, Muslims and Mormons holding public office, while approving of Jews and Christians holding public office.

[DELETED — Scalia]

Members of the GOP and conservative mainstream are being marginalized by Trumpicans, theocrats and members of the Alt-Right. This is due (at least in part) to Trumpicans, theocrats and members of the Alt-Right getting most of the attention from the American media. The loudest and most-controversial voices generate the biggest ratings for media members, and those voices aren’t mainstream voices.

Trumpicans, theocrats and members of the Alt-Right have been destroying the Republican Party. If it hasn’t happened already, then soon, members of the GOP and conservative mainstream will find themselves without a political party. Hence, they will be mainstream American voters who are Republicans in name only.

With Trumpicans, theocrats and members of the Alt-Right dominating the modern Republican Party, the Party will be Old, but it will no longer be Grand, and the Party’s founders will be turning over in their graves.

*Theocrats don’t necessarily have support from their scriptures for some of their beliefs. For example, neither the Tanakh (a.k.a. Old Testament) nor the New Testament mentions abortion. Neither condemns gambling, and neither says that it is always wrong to drink alcoholic beverages.

**Theocrats routinely violate the rules of science by insisting that scientific findings and theories pass a religious litmus test.

Featured Image: © Hans Hillewaert / CC BY-SA 4.0

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