“Mail Bombs Are False Flag, Hoax”

“Those mail bombs are a false flag, a hoax.”

The preceding statement in quotation marks summarizes what some people are actually claiming about those ten bombs that were mailed to high-profile Democrats and other high-profile public figures.

From CBS News:

As federal investigators work to discover who’s behind the pipe bombs mailed to a number of prominent Trump critics, some right-wing figures were quick to float the theory that it’s all a politically motivated “false flag” planted by Democrats to make Republicans look bad. Without offering evidence, a handful of commentators raised the possibility, pointing out the coincidence of the timing two weeks before the midterms and the recipients’ political affiliations.

Is the “false flag” claim being made by mainstream Republicans and conservatives?

Answer: No. Mainstream Republicans and conservatives understand that hate is bipartisan, that there are lunatics on the far Right as well as the far Left.

Instead, the “false flag” claim is being made by Right-wing extremists who are so far out in orbit that NASA can’t get a radar fix on them.

Since the bomber hasn’t been caught, we don’t know what motivates the person. However, ABC News reports, “Everyone who has been sent explosive devices so far is a prominent critic of President Donald Trump, and many of them have been publicly disparaged by the president either at campaign rallies or on Twitter.”

From USA Today:

“This has to be taken with the most seriousness,” New York City Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill told reporters at a Thursday news conference when asked to address claims that the mailings were part of a hoax. “We are treating them as suspected explosive devices.”

The people making the “false flag” claim have a history of making statements that are outlandish and false, and those people do not represent the GOP or conservative mainstream.

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