Scott Adams Predicts

That the asses are not going to do as well in the mid term elections as they and their LSM compatriots think.


Exclusive — Scott Adams Predicts ‘Greatest Turnout by Republicans, Maybe Ever’ in Midterms

By Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart

SANTA MONICA, California — Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams looks thoughtful in in the lobby of a beachfront hotel on a sunny Thursday afternoon as he tells me that the phrase “jobs not mobs,” which he suggested on Twitter six days before, would be catchy — though he adds that Republicans had not yet used it.

Literally minutes later, President Donald Trump tells a rally in Montana: “Democrats produce mobs. Republicans produce jobs.” The president tweets soon afterwards: “#JobsNotMobs.”

It is a measure of Adams’ astonishing influence on popular and political culture, as he has emerged from the world of humor, publishing, and business advice in the past three years to become one of the most insightful political commentators on the planet.

We are living in strange times, and Dilbert seems to have the measure of them.  He declines to make a prediction as to whether the House will change hands, as the various elections are far less subject to persuasion.

But he predicts that we will see “the greatest turnout by Republicans, maybe ever.”

So let it be done.

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