Democrats want tax breaks for the rich.

Democrats want tax breaks for the rich. That is the gist of a report published by CBS News.

“Some of the strongest opposition within the Republican party last year in the debate over the 2017 tax cut legislation flared up from lawmakers worried about a lower cap on deductions for state and local taxes. Now Republicans in these high-tax states who voted for the tax cuts are being skewered by their Democratic challengers targeting them over their support for President Trump’s tax cuts.”

Only the wealthiest Americans are negatively affected by the 2017 tax-cut legislation. Just how much more taxes that they have to pay depends on which states that they live in.

Now, the wealthiest Americans are learning the true cost of them living in Democrat-controlled states. That is why Democrat politicians are railing against the 2017 tax-cut legislation. The legislation shines light where Democrats don’t want light.

The preceding post was originally published at The Moderate Voice, where Democrats dominate.

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