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The only reason dhimmocrats oppose voter ID and voter registration clean up is that they benefit from the fraud.

Paid Democratic Voter Fraud Ring Uncovered In Texas

By Jazz Shaw, HotAir

Despite being constantly assured by Democrats and most of the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) that voter fraud doesn’t really happen, these nagging stories seem to keep popping up. This one, picked up by CBS News in Dallas, is a doozy. Four women have been charged with felonies in Fort Worth after the discovery that they were intercepting ballots, primarily intended for elderly voters, and filling them out themselves before trying to trick the intended voters into signing them. And it’s not just a few ballots either.

The Attorney General’s office has been pursuing this case for two years and it’s a major organized crime situation. Known as “harvesters,” these women were part of a group that has been filling out ballots in the hundreds or even the thousands. While four women have been indicted on sixteen counts thus far, the AG is saying that there are more people involved and a lot more incidents. These are just the ones they feel confident they can get convictions on for the time being.

[Emphasis added]

Be sure that the problem is even worse in the big blue states where elected officials have vested interest in keeping the corruption hidden.

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