Wave Goodbye To The Blue Slip

Back when judicial nominees were still subject to Senatorial fillibuster, they were also subject to a veto from the Senators of the state from which they were nominated.  This was known as the Blue Slip.

Trump defies DiFi and Kamala, nominating 3 Federalist Society members for Ninth Circuit

By Thomas Lifson, the American Thinker

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is about to become about ten percent less crazy.  President Trump has nominated three new judges for the 29-seat circuit court, over the objections of the two senators representing their home state of California.  Until Trump discarded the practice, home state senators were allowed to veto judicial nominations for courts in their states, a custom known as the “blue slip.”  That seems quaint these days, a relic of a bygone era in which actual qualifications, not ideology, were the issue in Senate confirmation votes that, anyway, required a filibuster-proof 60 votes.

Heh.  Perhaps they made a mistake when they exercised the nuclear option and otherwise curtailed the customs and courtesies of the Senate.

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