In December of last year I predicted the effects of the cap on Federal Income Tax deductions for SALT (state and local taxes).  In that post I added the personal note that my lady and I were incentivized to get out ahead of the big rush.  In February I reported on the early indicators of the predicted exodus.

As a further datum I now add that my lady and I pulled the trigger on our own exit from the formerly golden state last month.  We are now in contract to sell our home in San Jose’s “Dairy Hill” neighborhood, and in contract to buy a Queen Ann style home (built in 1896) in the historic district of Valdosta, Georgia.  The preparations to sell are the root cause of my paucity of posts over the last few weeks, while the move itself will further restrict my time between the end of this month and the end of the year.

I will miss our neighbors.  I will miss the weather/climate of the Santa Clara Valley (where my family has lived since the 1880’s).  I will miss the scenery.  We shan’t miss anything else.

To be clear my lady and I consider ourselves to be economic and political refugees from the formerly golden state.  When we cross the state line into Arizona on our way out, we will stop and dust our shoes of the soil of this place.  When the music stops and Sacramento turns to the tax payers to pay the piper, we shall not be among those tax payers.

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