Same Institutional Players

Have you noticed that the same institutional players (and indeed, some of the same individual actors) identified in FISA Abuse are hip deep in the smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh?

How Deep is This Swamp?…

By sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

The first facet is a reality that Senate Security Officer James Wolfe was given, and leaked, a copy of the Carter Page FISA application on March 17th, 2017.  This is important because it leads to context within the larger issue.

♦ Accepting that dysfunction leads us into the more recent issue:

The details and circumstances surrounding the plot to smear Judge Brett Kavanaugh, through the use of Ms. Christine Blasey-Ford, by a group of politicians, political operatives and former DOJ/FBI officials.





This is clearly enemy action.  And the enemies are the institutions of the DoJ and FBI, with the aid and collusion of the Lame Stream Media.


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