Suspicions Confirmed: Agent Admits FBI Used Leaks In FISA Warrant Applications

A quick review of the facts:

  1.  The Maladministration of the faithless feckless former President used FISA 702 intercepts to monitor their political foes.
  2.  This monitoring extended to then Candidate Donald Trump and his campaign staff.
  3.  The Director of the NSA (Admiral Rodgers) discovered and documented this with the FIS Court and proceeded to shut down the access and tools which were being misused.
  4.  The FBI conducted a Counter Espionage Investigation of the Trump Campaign.

The “beard” or excuse for that investigation was a coordinated operation between CIA and FBI Operatives.  The Judas goat of the investigation was Carter Paige.  The primary tool of the investigation was intelligence collection via FISA Title 1.


By Chuck Ross, The Daily Caller

  • FBI Special Agent Jonathan Moffa told Congress on Friday that the FBI has used leaked stories to obtain FISA warrants
  • Rep. Mark Meadows alluded to the information in a tweet on Monday
  • Meadows’ tweet was referring to Moffa’s testimony, a source tells The Daily Caller News Foundation

An FBI special agent told Congress earlier in August that the bureau has used leaked news stories as justifications to obtain surveillance warrants against American citizens, a source familiar with the testimony tells The Daily Caller News Foundation.

During a closed-door interview with the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees on Friday, Special Agent Jonathan Moffa told congressional investigators that the FBI and Justice Department have leaked stories to the press and then used them to obtain warrants under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

“He more or less admitted that the FBI/DOJ have previously leaked info to the press and then used stories from the press as justifications for FISA warrants,” a source who took part in Moffa’s interview told TheDCNF.

We used to suspect this, now we know it.

We still suspect (with good cause) the following:

  1.  The Steele/Clinton Dossier was in effect an laundering process for Intelligence collected via FISA prior to the Title 1 investigation of Carter Paige.
  2.  The Steele/Clinton Dossier was the basis for the FISA Title 1 Application to surveil Carter Paige and for the four subsequent renewals.
  3.  The FISA Title 1 surveillance of Carter Paige and his contacts three levels deep included Candidate, and later President, Trump.
  4.  The Intelligence thus collected was insufficient to bring charges against Carter Paige.
  5.  The Intelligence thus collected was insufficient to bring charges against President Trump.
  6.  The Intelligence thus collected was insufficiently prurient to actually discredit President Trump, or leaky Schiffy would have had it all over the LSM by now.

We further suspect that Bruce Ohr’s testimony will document how the FBI and DoJ passed raw intelligence to Steele and Fusion GPS to be laundered into the Steele/Clinton dossier, and how that product was then used to obtain FISA Article Surveillance to re-open the access which Admiral Rodgers and the FIS Court had previously shut down.

The FBI needs to be spanked with an axe.

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