White Supremacists and the GOP

Once again, Americans have received a reminder that white supremacists are not extinct.

From NPR, 12 August 2018: “A small group of about 25 white supremacist demonstrators rallied next to the White House on Sunday, one year after the ‘Unite the Right’ demonstration by the same organizer turned deadly in Charlottesville, Va.”

In theory, all major political parties in the USA condemn white supremacists.

In practice, however, white supremacists have found a political home in the Republican Party. For example, see Charlottesville Hate Marcher Elected by Republican Party.

It isn’t that top GOP officials are endorsing white supremacists. It’s that too many Republicans have been turning blind eyes to white supremacists.

Yet, that is not what the Republican Party is all about. If one doesn’t throw the Republican baby out with the bath water, then one can see the real value of the GOP.

Right now, the GOP is standing in the way of Democrats who want to turn the USA into the United Socialist States of America. For example, see Poll: Democrats prefer socialism to capitalism.

The USSR was a disaster. Socialist Venezuela is a disaster. The USSA would be a disaster.

Anyway, the GOP still has an image problem because of the GOP members who act as enablers for white supremacists.

One way for the GOP to improve its image would be for Republicans to place the following plaque on every monument that symbolizes white supremacy.

Such a plaque is historically accurate because all of those monuments that symbolize white supremacy were erected by Democrats.

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