Rescuing Science From Democrat Naïveté

The New York Times has been caught spreading a falsehood and should apologize for doing so.

The falsehood is in a NYT article titled Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change.

According to the title of that NYT article, Mankind almost stopped planet Earth from wobbling on its axis.

According to the title of that NYT article, Mankind almost stopped changes in solar activity.

You may be saying to yourself, “Wait. Mankind can’t stop planet Earth from wobbling on its axis and can’t stop changes in solar activity.”

That is the point.

The Earth’s wobble and changes in solar activity all result in climate change. Thus, Mankind would have to stop them in order to stop climate change.

The title of that NYT article illustrates the Science naïveté that infests the Democratic Party.

Way too many Democrats have swallowed hook-line-and-sinker the false claim that climate change is solely a product of modern Man’s activities.

Science refutes that claim, as revealed by Physics Today . . .

Princeton University . . .

The University of Cambridge . . .

University of Bergen, Norway . . .

In short, Science is continuously breaking Michael Mann’s hockey stick. Yet, way too many Democrats cling to that hockey stick with religious fervor.

To be fair, it should be acknowledged that way too many Republicans display similar Science naïveté. For example, here is a statement from the 2014 Science report Attribution of the June–July 2013 Heat Wave in the Southwestern United States, published by the Meteorological Society of Japan:

“Our application of event attribution methodology using the MIROC5A model suggests that the 2013 heat wave in the southwestern US was generated mainly by natural atmospheric variability, but both anthropogenic warming (Fig. 3b) and the natural variability of SST and SIC increased the probability of such an event (Fig. 6a).”

Then there is this from the above-shown Princeton article:

“For comparison, since the beginning of industrialization until now, the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere has increased from 280 to more than 400 ppm as a consequence of burning fossil fuels.”

In order to stop Science naïveté from causing political trouble, Democrats need to acknowledge a couple of things.

They need to acknowledge all of the natural climate change that took place prior to the Industrial Revolution, including the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age. They also need to acknowledge that natural climate change will occur no matter what Mankind does. In other words, Democrats need to stop playing with a broken hockey stick.

Republicans, in turn, need to acknowledge the anthropogenic contributions to natural climate change. They need to acknowledge that those anthropogenic contributions are exacerbating natural climate change.

Yes, Science needs to be rescued from Republican naïveté as well as from Democrat naïveté.

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