Republicans Aren’t All Bad Either

Democrats need to think twice before condemning all Republicans because Republicans aren’t all bad.

Keep in mind that the Republican Party came into existence for the purpose of combating a great evil that the Democratic Party was protecting and promoting.

Indeed, Democrats started a war in response to a Republican being elected President.

The Republican Party’s original mission was fulfilled once slavery was outlawed in the USA. The GOP’s second mission was fulfilled once civil-rights legislation was enacted.

Today, the Republican Party has the mission of keeping the U.S. government within its constitutional limits.

Some voters are Republicans simply because they want the U.S. government to stay within its constitutional limits . . .

If you are a Democrat, then do you have a problem with the U.S. government staying within its constitutional limits?

Yes, the modern-day Republican Party has its flaws, such as . . .

However, the modern-day Democratic Party has its own flaws, such as . . .

Back in 2016, plenty of Republicans were not thrilled at the thought of Donald Trump becoming the POTUS. They reluctantly accepted him because they didn’t want the Democratic Party’s corrupt presidential nominee to occupy the Oval Office. (Neither did this blogger.)

Today, plenty of Republicans are appalled by what the GOP has become.

One can find Republicans who say, “I didn’t leave the GOP. The GOP left me.”

One can find Republicans who believe that it is wrong to punish DREAMers for the misdeeds of their parents.

One can find Republicans who acknowledge the reality of human-enhanced natural climate change.

One can find Republicans who condemn the way that Russians helped Americans learn the truth about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

One can find Republicans who haven’t turned their politics into their de facto religion.

Sane and reasonable Republicans still exist, but they aren’t considered to be newsworthy. The crazy Republicans get all of the media attention instead.

Democrats face the same situation with the media. Their sane and reasonable ones aren’t considered newsworthy, either.

When Americans take in what the media have to say about politics, the former get doses of Crazy-vs-Crazy. It is enough to make a sane American want to have what Kermit the Frog is having.

The above post is a sequel to the post Democrats Aren’t All Bad (Really!)

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