The Conduit Of FISA Abuses

This, when it gets released, should be the proof of what I and others have long suspected.

How a senior DOJ official helped Dem researchers on Trump-Russia case

By John Solomon, the Hill Opinion

Hundreds of pages of previously unreported emails and memos provide the clearest evidence yet that a research firm, hired by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to find dirt on and defeat Donald Trump, worked early and often with the FBI, a Department of Justice (DOJ) official and the intelligence community during the 2016 presidential election and the early days of Trump’s presidency.

Fusion GPS’s work and its involvement with several FBI officials have been well reported.

But a close review of these new documents shows just how closely Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, who reported to Obama-era Deputy AG Sally Yates, maintained contact with Fusion — and, in particular, its primary source, former British spy Christopher Steele — before, during and after the election.

Indeed.  The Ohr’s (DoJ Attorney Bruce and his wife Nellie) were the communications nexus for raw intelligence passed to Steele and laundered Intelligence Product produced by Steele and fed back to the Clinton Campaign and FBI.

Suspicions Confirmed: Congress Gets Bruce Ohr Documents Showing “Back Door” Communication Network…

By sundance, the Conservative Treehouse

According to Chuck Ross reporting: “Congress recently got a trove of Bruce Ohr emails which include exchanges with Chris Steele and others. Source says emails show that Ohr is more significant player in dossier component of FBI/DOJ investigation than originally thought.”

My only point of disagreement with sundance is that I believe the FISA Title 1 application against Carter Page was less planned and more of a reaction to the sudden cessation of the FISA 702 data which the Administration of the faithless feckless former President had become dependent upon in their conflicts with their domestic political foes.

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