Social Media Deprives Us All By Banning Reliable Contra-Indicator

For my own part, I view the citation of or linkage to xelA senoJ and his website (which I shan’t even name) a very reliable indicator that the person so citing or linking should be firmly ignored.  And I value that.

There really is no First Amendment issue here as this is not an act of Government.  The close timing of all the major Social Media sites swinging the ban hammer is suspicious at best, and is certainly a more reliable indicator of collusion than anything Robert Mueller has produced to date.

More importantly, the oh not really so bad party (as we were recently reminded) is reverting to their fascist norm:

Yep.  A sitting United States Senator “representing” Connecticut (who is of course a Dhimmocrat) is actively endorsing the suppression of free speech in defense of “our democracy.”

Well, Senator, you swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, and that Constitution, as amended, guarantees the freedom of speech of all the citizens of these United States, including those whose opinion you don’t like.  Also, in point of inconvenient fact, we are NOT a democracy.  Nor do those of us who understand history in general,  and the history of the Constitutional Convention in particular, want to see our Republic collapse into the dictatorship of the majority which is “democracy.”  You had a wonderful opportunity here, Senator, to remain silent on this non-issue (at least as far as the Senate of the United States is concerned) and instead revealed yourself to be a brown shirted fool, for which I must ironically thank you (the trailing “D” was only a 95% reliable indicator).

So, in the spirit of Free Speech and life in a Constitutional Republic, I declare an open thread and encourage one and all to share their thoughts on this Senator, his opinions, and the fascists and worse which are his party.

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