Democrats Aren’t All Bad (Really!)

Democrats aren’t all bad. Granted, that should go without saying, but some Republicans have trouble believing it.

It is a mistake for Republicans to pretend that they are holier-than or more-righteous-than Democrats because the former aren’t.

No, one doesn’t have to be a liberal or a Democrat to offer a defense of Democrats. This blogger has never been a Democrat and has never wanted a Democrat to occupy the Oval Office. Yet, this blogger will defend Democrats when they deserve defending.

Sure, Democrats are mistaken about plenty of things even when they won’t admit to being mistaken.

Still, Democrats are just as human as Republicans, and Republicans are just as fallible as Democrats.

Democrats and Republicans alike embrace beliefs that are emotionally pleasing even if those beliefs are factually false.

Yes, one can find reason and sanity among Democrats. However, the reasonable and sane Democrats aren’t often mentioned in national news because media members don’t consider such Democrats to be newsworthy.

It is the crazy Democrats who get the most exposure by the media because controversy sells newspapers.

If America’s liberal media are the publishing arm of the Democratic Party, then it is because America’s liberal media are focused on their primary objective, which is to earn a profit.

Greater profit is earned from the crazy than from the sane.

Yes, the crazies are running the Democratic Party.

Sure, the same can be said about the Republican Party. After all, look who is the POTUS.

By the way, if Republicans and Conservatives believe that Democrats are bad now, then the former should consider the history depicted in the following image:

The modern-day Democratic Party is nothing like the Democratic Party that the Republican Party was formed to oppose.

Then again, the modern-day Republican Party isn’t the party of Lincoln, either.

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