Trump The Worst President Ever?

Is Donald Trump the worst President ever? Will he end up being a one-term President?

It would be foolish to proclaim with any certainty what will happen during the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Prior to the 2004 election, Left-wing syndicated columnist Richard Reeves boldly proclaimed that George W. Bush would be a one-term POTUS. Reeves is still scraping the egg off his face.

Still, Trump isn’t exactly helping himself win a second term as POTUS. He constantly acts like a bull in a china shop, and people who voted for him in 2016 might decide that he has broken too much china. As blogger George Graham writes, “World trade today is extremely complex. Trump’s mind is not. Like the proverbial bull in a china shop, he randomly unleashes havoc as he thrashes about.”

One person responded to George Graham with this reply:

He [Trump] seems to have outrageous stuff in his pocket to bring out to distract the world from what is happening. He is closer and closer to getting indicted. Or in having all of his closest advisers indicted and being abandoned by his support. There will be no one near him to control his impulses and he will implode and take this country down with him. I can’t even watch half the time. Yet the economy continues to do well and employment grows.

Yes, “the economy continues to do well and employment grows,” but are the positive results of Trump’s presidency worth having any more china broken?

If the Democratic Party has an honest presidential candidate in 2020 (unlike the one it had in 2016), then voters might tell Trump, “You have broken too much china. You’re fired!”

Still, all of that broken china doesn’t mean that Trump is the worst President ever.

Dr. Samuel Walker writes, “Democratic presidents have been responsible for some of the worst violations of civil liberties. Woodrow Wilson suppressed free speech during World War I, while Franklin D. Roosevelt interned 120,000 Japanese-Americans in World War II. . . Woodrow Wilson’s record is one of the very worst. He authorized the massive suppression of free speech during World War I and earlier imposed racial segregation among federal employees.”

Then there is what Democrat president Andrew Jackson did:

Not everyone was included in the new Jacksonian Democracy. There was no initiative from Jacksonian Democrats to include women in political life or to combat slavery. But, it was the Native American who suffered most from Andrew Jackson’s vision of America. Jackson, both as a military leader and as President, pursued a policy of removing Indian tribes from their ancestral lands. . . John Marshall’s opinion for the Court majority in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia was essentially that Georgia had no jurisdiction over the Cherokees and no claim to their lands. But Georgia officials simply ignored the decision, and President Jackson refused to enforce it. Jackson was furious and personally affronted by the Marshall ruling, stating, “Mr. Marshall has made his decision. Now let him enforce it!”

In order to claim that Trump is the worst POTUS ever, one would have to ignore what Democrat presidents Jackson, Wilson and FDR did or be ignorant about what they did.

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