Democrats vs. Science

Way too many Democrats have proven themselves to be clueless when it comes to Science.

Case in point, here is an excerpt from the science report Two Millennia of South Atlantic Convergence Zone Variability Reconstructed From Isotopic Proxies (08 May 2018).

Using stalagmites from caves in the SACZ region of Brazil that formed during the last two millennia, we can reconstruct the behavior of the SACZ, and consequently the rainfall distribution over Brazil during this period, which includes global climate changes that significantly affected human history, such as the Medieval Climate Anomaly and the Little Ice Age. Understanding the nature of these past changes in climate is fundamental for putting current climate changes in a longer-term perspective and for differentiating between natural and anthropogenic causes of current and future climate change.

So, how does the above-quoted Science report reveal Democrat cluelessness?

Answer: The report confirms the occurrence of natural climate change as well as changes in global climate that took place prior to the Industrial Revolution, things that way too many Democrats turn blind eyes to.

Surely, there are some Democrats who don’t exhibit Science blindness.

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