Judge Delays Manafort Trial, Orders Names Of All Winesses Made Public

Prominently not among those named was anyone with the last name Podesta.

Interesting development.

Manafort trial postponed to July 31


Paul Manafort’s first criminal trial has been postponed a week, to July 31.

Ellis on Monday [also] ordered Mueller to release his entire roster of about 30 potential witnesses, including the identities of five people that his prosecutors have granted immunity in exchange for their testimony against Manafort.

A short time later, the lead Russia investigator named the immunized witnesses: Donna Duggan, Conor O’Brien, James Brennan, Cindy Laporta and Dennis Raico. All had indicated plans to invoke their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination had they been forced to take the witness stand.

Also interesting (but hardly a surprise) Politico burried the lede…

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