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This whole mess orbits the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and the George W. Bush “Terrorist Surveillance Program” that was rolled under FISA as sections 700.  These were the tools that allowed the Obama Administration and their Deep State / Praetorian allies to monitor their domestic foes.

10 Ways DOJ Abused Its Authority When It Spied On Trump’s Campaign

By Margot Cleveland, the Federalist

Last Friday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) missed another deadline to comply with subpoenas issued by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). The DOJ’s latest episode of stonewalling prompted HPSCI Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) to suggest that President Donald Trump intervene.

While the DOJ had turned over some of the subpoenaed information, Nunes told Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro that the House still does not have critical documents detailing the FBI’s use of informants to spy on the Trump campaign prior to the official launch of the Russia collusion investigation, dubbed Crossfire Hurricane.

Nunes also suggested Trump declassify the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications used to obtain a court order to conduct electronic surveillance on former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page. “I think the FISA [Title 1 application] is totally fraudulent, 100 percent fraudulent,” the California congressman declared, adding that by releasing the FISA applications, the public can assess whether Obama officials and career DOJ and FBI employees abused the FISA process or whether seeking a FISA warrant on Page was justified, as Democrats continue to maintain. Declassifying the FISA applications will help us answer “who’s telling the truth,” Nunes said.

The FISA Title 1 Surveillance on Carter Page was the solution to a set of problems.  As already documented, the Obama Administration was routinely using FISA data to monitor and perform opposition research on their domestic political foes.  When (now former) NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, USN(ret) first curtailed their access (by forbidding access to the tools by outside contractors) and then completely shut down the most abused tool (via FIS Court Order), the dhimmocrats and their deep state /praetorian allies were effectively blinded.

Since FISA Title 1 is designed to allow Federal Investigators to roll up the networks of a foreign intelligence operative, the scope of covered activities is extensive and the net large.  It also allows review of data collected before the effective date the surveillance order was granted, and ongoing collection subject to renewed applications every 90 days.  Collection is not limited to electronic communications.  Physical searches and active monitoring are also within the scope.

The Title 1 Surveillance, since it allows retrograde collection, was also a way of cleaning up any information gathered prior to its approval.

We know that Carter Page and all of his contacts, and all of those contacts contacts. were surveilled for 15 months.  Yet Carter Page, the putative foreign agent surveilled, has neither been arrested nor charged with any espionage related offenses.

And then there was Agent Strzok and Lisa Page discussing Carter Page as a “pretext.”

Mrs Cleveland’s 10 counts are these:

One through Four, from the HPSCI Majority Memo:

  1.  Use of un-verified “raw” intelligence data and the un-verifiable nature of the “evidence” cited in the Steele/Clinton dossier.
  2.  The link between the Steele/Clinton dossier and the Clinton Campaign.
  3.  Lack of Evidence that Carter Paige was an Agent of a Foreign Power.
  4.  Mis-representation of Steele’s credibility.

And six more that have since come to light

  1.  Misled the FIS Court as to when the investigation commenced
  2.  Falsely stating that Papadopoulis colluded with Russia
  3.  Claims that Papadopoulis was involved in DNC hacks
  4.  Claims that Papadopoulis interacted with Russian Agents
  5.  Claims about Page’s relations with Russian Agents
  6.  Political bias of the DoJ and FBI Officials involved in the FISA Title 1 Applications

The FIS Court, as expected, is keeping as far away from the limelight of this matter as they can.  The FBI and DoJ are continuing to slow roll and obfuscate.  The public faces of the derp state are protesting at full volume.


Answers are required.


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