A Republic, If We Can Keep It

Twelve Score and two years ago, our Fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and founded on the notion that all men are created equal.


As we celebrate the day on which we Declared to the world our independence in this two hundredth and thirty-first year of the Republic established under the Constitution of these United States, we find ourselves in a bloodless war.  A civil war, between the electorate of that Republic and a self appointed praetorian amongst the civil service who have arrogated unto themselves the power to pick and choose who shall hold office, and which laws will be enforced against who.


This is neither permissible nor tolerable under our Constitution.


Ours is a government of limited powers explicitly granted by the Sovereign People to a government elected by us, and answerable to us at the ballot box.


Former speaker of the house and alternative history author Newt Gingrich describes our current situation as a congruence of five scandals. He does so because he fails to see the common element. He is blind to the uni-party praetorian organism he is a part of. Charlie Martin has a much better model; a semi permanent complex of like minded un-elected officials in our nation’s capital who simply disregard the elected officials to whom they ostensibly report*.


The Federal Civil Service has been an experiment which has run amok, and it is time for it to end, such that twelve score years from now our posterity will still prosper in liberty under an answerable republic.


  • Rather akin to the “mandarins” of a better author than Mr. Gingrich
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