Democrats Should Sue Themselves

Democrats should sue themselves if they really believe that climate change is 100% man-made. That is because Democrats are direct beneficiaries of human activities that allegedly produce 100% man-made climate change.

Instead of suing “Big Oil”, Democrats could simply put “Big Oil” out of business by shutting down all gasoline and diesel-fuel pumps and by refusing to purchase heating oil for their homes in the northeastern states.

Come to think of it, “Big Coal” is as guilty as “Big Oil”. So, Democrats should shut down all industries that rely on coal and coal products, such as steel mills and the plastics industry.

To be serious, it is foolish for Democrat politicians to sue anyone for allegedly causing climate change. For example . . .

From The Hill:

Rhode Island’s attorney general sued a dozen oil and natural gas companies and their affiliates Monday in state court, accusing them of causing climate change and not sufficiently mitigating its effects. Attorney General Peter Kilmartin (D) said Rhode Island is uniquely harmed by global warming, with its more than 400 miles of shoreline, fishing industry, marine economy and other factors.

If Democrats are going to sue anyone for causing climate change, then they need to first sue Mother Nature.

That is because climate change isn’t 100% man-made. Climate change didn’t begin with the beginning of the oil industry or the coal industry. Climate change originated before humans did, and climate change would continue if all humans suddenly vanished from planet Earth.

Yes, humans have contributed to climate change, and their contribution should be reduced as much as feasibly possible.

However, that is not what Democrat politicians are after. Instead, they are trying to convince voters that the Democrat politicians can prevent unwanted climate change and thus should be elected and re-elected. Their scam is akin to the one being run by alarmist scientists, who insist that they can correctly predict and stop climate change if only they keep receiving government grants.

The common denominator in both scams is a reliance on people knowing little about climate history.

To be fair, Republican politicians are no better when it comes to this issue. They would have saved the GOP much grief if they had said loudly and repeatedly, “Climate change is real, and mankind’s activities have contributed to it.

That statement in italics is reality, along with the fact that it has been getting hotter.

Yet, Democrats shouldn’t be asking, “Whom do we sue?” Instead, they should be asking, “How do we adapt?”

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