Weasel Stomping Day

This morning, Imitation Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and Imitation FBI Director Wray are scheduled to testify before the House judiciary Committee. For the last hour, I have seen Rod Rosenstein give evasive answers – or simply refuse to answer – relevant questions regarding bias and obstruction by the FBI and Department of Justice in providing timely, complete and pertinent reports and information to Congress when subpoenaed. As Rep. Goodlatte reminded Rosenstein just minutes ago,

“Our Constitutional oversight necessitates that institutions like the FBI and DOJ yield to Congress’ constitutional mandate.”


Rosenstein has made himself look like an absolute ass this morning,

so much so that he refused to plainly answer Rep. DeSantis’ question about whether he even read the FISA warrant before he signed it. Rosenstein claimed such an answer would be revealing “classified information”, and gave the same answer to whether any Obama official ever requested or ordered an FBI or DOJ official to investigate the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Let me repeat that – Rosenstein specifically claimed that the question of whether anyone working for Obama ordered an investigation into the Trump campaign during the election was classified.

I will wait for Wray’s testimony to speak regarding him, but Rosenstein’s testimony makes clear he is a criminal who belongs in prison for obstructing Justice in Congress’ efforts to uncover a clear conspiracy against Trump by Obama and his cronies.

I hope Congress stomps Rosenstein until he squeals and comes clean.

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