False Dichotomies of Democrats

It would be nice if Democrats wouldn’t promote false dichotomies, but plenty of them do.

False Dichotomy #1: “Either you believe that climate change is 100% man-made or you believe that it is a hoax.”

Actually, climate change is neither.

As climate history shows, the climate has been changing for as long as there has been a climate, and humans have been dealing with climate change for as long as there have been humans.

The Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age were cases of global climate change that Mother Nature produced. Yet, Democrats don’t mention them. Instead, they cling to Michael Mann’s infamous hockey-stick graph which has been thoroughly debunked.

Sure, Mankind’s activities have contributed to climate change, but the dismissal of Mother Nature’s role in current climate change is the real fallacy.

False Dichotomy #2: “Either you support open borders, or you are anti-immigrant.”

In an article for The Federalist, Donna Carol Voss explains the fallacy of this particular false dichotomy:

“A recent Quinnipiac poll confirms what most of us already know: Republicans favor a border wall, Democrats don’t. In April, 81 percent of Republicans favored a wall, while only 4 percent of Democrats did.

In the eyes of the Left, this makes Republicans ‘the bad guys.’ They are portrayed as a stain on our national character — ‘That’s not who we are’ — and a shameful blight on our heritage — ‘We’re a nation of immigrants.’ Worst of all, they are portrayed as anti-immigrant.

But they’re not. They’re anti-illegal immigration, and there’s a big difference. It isn’t personal.”

The Republican Party welcomes foreigners who follow the legal process for entering the USA.

False Dichotomy #3: “Either you voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, or you are a racist.”

Somehow, the Obama supporters who voted for Donald Trump are overlooked by Democrats who promote this particular falsehood.

This post originally published @ The Moderate Voice.

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