The Security Breach Which Was Hillary Clinton’s Tenure As Secretary of State

The Clinton e-mails were a distant and shrinking speck in my rear view mirror prior to the IG’s report.  This is not to say that I didn’t consider the whole situation a criminal conspiracy and massive breach of security.   It was, in my estimation, the Clinton arrogance combined with unwillingness to be bound by the Federal Records Act and a complete disregard for protection of classified materials.

I was (and remain) far more concerned with the domestic spying and FISA abuses of the faithless feckless former President’s Administration.

The security breach which was Felonia Milhous VonPantsuit’s tenure as Secretary of State was far worse than I suspected, and I further suspect we still do not know the true scope of it.  Time and past time we found out.


By Sidney Powell, the Daily Caller

Only a few hours after the New York office of the FBI took possession of the Weiner laptop, on September 26, 2016, the FBI computer expert discovered it contained more than 140,000 emails involving Hillary Clinton. They were from multiple domain names:,,, and Blackberry devices. The agent had what he told the inspector general was an “oh shit moment” — recognizing that he had found evidence important to the most important investigation — and he immediately reported it up the chain.

And then the FBI sat on it until their hand was forced by the NYPD and the NY Field Office of the FBI.

Mr. Powell continues with a list of questions which I think need to be answered before a series of Federal Grand Juries:

  1. What are the names of all the people the FBI has identified as having emailed Hillary Clinton on her obvious unsecured server at (We already know Obama emailed her on it under an alias. Which other high-ranking officials also emailed Clinton at her unsecured server? What about Robert Mueller? What about Eric Holder?
  2. Did the inspector general ask Lynch about threats to NYPD to prosecute officers if they didn’t back down on exposing the email cover-up? Why not?

  3. Did the FBI show Hillary the email by Cheryl Mills stating it was “obvious” was not secure?

  4. Who are the three — just three — FBI agents who reviewed the Weiner laptop and conducted the miraculous de-duping and review in only a few days of 350,000 emails that covered her entire tenure as Secretary of State?

  5. Who in the Department of Justice reviewed the 350,000 Clinton emails on Weiner laptop?

  6. Who in Department of Justice talked to the New York office about the Weiner laptop?

  7. How many classified, top-secret and even more secret chains were found from Clinton’s own production on Weiner’s laptop?

  8. Who stripped the classified and confidential markings from the documents Mrs. Clinton received before sending them to her?

  9. Where is Weiner’s laptop right now?

  10. Who made that phone call from the Department of Justice to the New York Police Department? Exactly what was said?


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