A Not Guilty Plea With An Amusing Request

Former Senate staffer James A. Wolfe has entered a plea of “Not Guilty” to charges filed against him for lying to the FBI.  As an aside, one must wonder why it is that former Assistant Director Andrew McCabe, formerly of the FBI, has not been indicted for his lies to the Director of the FBI, Inspector General of the FBI, and agents of the OPR.  But I digress…


By Chuck Ross, the Daily Caller

During a Dec. 15, 2017 interview with FBI agents, Wolfe denied knowing four separate reporters. But phone records and photographic evidence showed that Wolfe knew the journalists, according to a grand jury indictment.

Wolfe appears to have given journalists information about former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The government indictment suggests that Wolfe gave reporter Ali Watkins information about Page for an article that she published on April 3, 2017. He also allegedly provided information to reporters for an Oct. 17, 2017 story about a subpoena issued against Page. (RELATED: NYT Reviewing Ali Watkins’ Work In Light Of Leak Investigation)

In the interesting category, Wolfe does not deny that he lied to the FBI.  He is instead denying that he leaked classified or sensitive information obtained from his work.

Also in the interesting category are the nature of the charges and the six month gap between when the FBI sprung their perjury trap and the arrest of Wolfe.  The combination of the two suggests to me that he was expected to become a cooperating witness in a larger investigation and either could not or would not assist the FBI as they desired.

In the amusing category, he has requested the Court issue an order forbidding the Federal Government at all levels (and specifically President Trump) from “making improper and prejudicial statements regarding this case.”

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