Patching The Leaks

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, it seems, has been the source for many (perhaps most) of the leaks (especially those leaks favorable to the Intelligence Community) concerning the misuse of Counter Intelligence powers, sources, and operatives against Candidate (now President) Trump.

Ex-Senate Intelligence staffer indicted on charges of lying in leak probe

By Josh Gerstein, Politico

A former longtime staffer for the Senate Intelligence Committee was arrested Thursday after being indicted on three felony counts of making false statements to the FBI in the course of an investigation into leaks of classified information.

James A. Wolfe, 58, who served as the panel’s security director for about 30 years, was accused of lying to FBI investigators about his contacts with four journalists and about whether he had provided confidential committee information to them.

The charge of lying to the FBI is a preferred tactic for pressuring a potential source / informant as part of a larger investigation.

One of the four “journalists” mentioned has been identified by the tired gray crone of Gotham as one of their reporters (Ali Watkins), following notification that her phone and e-mail communications had been seized by Federal Authorities.  The lack of service in real time or in advance of the seizure indicates that the communications were either seized via a National Security Letter issued to the service provider(s), or via FISA 702 intercept.  Either means would make this either a Counter Intelligence Investigation or yet another abuse of FISA data and powers.  The issue being investigated appears to be Ms. Watkins identification of Carter Page as the subject of FISA Title 1 surveillance during her tenure at Buzzfeed.

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