Release The Un-Redacted Report NOW

Roger Simon seems to have come around to my point of view:

Stop Sanitizing the Inspector General’s Report and Deliver it Now

By Roger Simon, PJmedia

Why has this happened? Nothing, I’m afraid, could be more obvious. Those same privileged elites in our government are being given or are taking the time themselves to sanitize the report, to bowdlerize the contents in order not to offend (or worse) certain parties.

Indeed.  To date where we have seen redacted copy followed by less redacted or un-redacted copies what was redacted was all about avoiding institutional embarrassment and nothing to do with the privacy of citizens nor sources and methods of National Security.  I once again call on President Trump to Order his Attorney General to declassify and publish the full and un-redacted report.  Should the Attorney General decline to follow that order, fire him for insubordination and order the Acting Attorney General to do so.  Repeat until the response is “Yes, sir.”

P. S.  PJ media has made it very difficult to quote their material.  I have thus declined to link to them.

IG Report Will Be Published June 14th
Not Only No, Hell No