No Point In Trying To Reason With Democrats

“I see no point in trying to reason with Trump voters.” That statement comes from Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. in his column No, it’s not the economy, stupid. Trump supporters fear a black and brown America.

In the column, Pitts cites a few examples from the fringe of Trump voters in order to proclaim that Trump voters can’t be reasoned with. I’d like for Pitts to explain his claim to the people who voted for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Sure, there are racists among Trump voters. We see evidence of that whenever Trump voters honor a heritage of anti-black racism by displaying the Confederate battle flag on private property. The people who defend that flag are the ones who can’t be reasoned with.*

Pitts must not have paid attention to those Democrats who voted for Trump because they thought that Hillary Clinton was too crooked to occupy the Oval Office.

In the alternate reality that Pitts lives in, there was nothing wrong with Clinton, and therefore Trump voters must have been motivated by racial prejudice.

Oh well, if defenders of the Confederate battle flag are going to live in an alternate reality, then Pitts might as well live in one, too.

If Leonard Pitts Jr. is expressing the majority view of Democrats, then I see no point in trying to reason with Democrats.

Oh, in case anyone is wondering, I didn’t vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for Clinton, either.

Also, I often respond to Trump’s antics by having what Kermit the Frog is having.

If Clinton had won instead of Trump, then I’d be drinking this:

*Defenders of the Confederate battle flag may claim to be Republicans and/or Conservatives, but there is nothing Republican or Conservative about that flag or what it represents. As the Southern Baptist Convention has figured out, that flag represents something ungodly, which is why Christians should never display it on their private property.

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