What Price Will The FBI Pay For Willingly Becoming Domestic Spies?

As those who have closely reviewed my timeline will have noted, the FBI attempted several times to get FISA data on the Trump Campaign prior to the “official” Counter Intelligence Investigation kickoff on 31 July 2016.  It’s also worth noting that the FIS Court was having none of it (see June 2016, July 5th, 2016).

I have speculated elsewhere that the DoJ/FBI Inspector General’s report on the Clinton Classified Materials issue will drop at close of business today.  [Update] Chairman Grassley of the House Judiciary Committee has pushed his 05 June Hearings back to 11 June (after I published this).  I thus suspect the drop will be on the 4th or 5th now.[end Update]  Ahead of that the reviewers appear to be leaking to set up their positions:

London ‘bridges’ falling down: Curious origins of FBI’s Trump-Russia probe

By John Solomon, the Hill

The bridge to the Russia investigation wasn’t erected in Moscow during the summer of the 2016 election.

It originated earlier, 1,700 miles away in London, where foreign figures contacted Trump campaign advisers and provided the FBI with hearsay allegations of Trump-Russia collusion, bureau documents and interviews of government insiders reveal. These contacts in spring 2016 — some from trusted intelligence sources, others from Hillary Clinton supporters — occurred well before FBI headquarters authorized an official counterintelligence investigation on July 31, 2016.

The new timeline makes one wonder: Did the FBI follow its rules governing informants?

Clearly they did not.  Nor have they run this investigation in a manner consistent with making successful prosecutions in Federal Court (see Meuller’s debacle in court).

Nor for that matter, has the “Counter Intelligence Investigation” unveiled nor rolled up any foreign networks running agents in the United States nor any domestic networks feeding such an agent.  Meanwhile the “Agent of a foreign power” surveilled under FISA Title 1 authorization has been revealed as a paid informant of the FBI.

There is, however, news of an ongoing criminal investigation; U. S. Attorney Huber and his team have interviewed fired and disgraced former Director Comey with regards to their criminal investigation of his hand picked Deputy Directer, the similarly fired and disgraced Andrew McCabe.


It seems that Inspector General Horowitz has a very full plate and a lot of work ahead of him:

The OIG continues its important ongoing work, including the following audits, evaluations, inspections, and special reviews:

•Actions by the Department of Justice and the FBI in Advance of the 2016 Election. The review will examine whether DOJ and the FBI followed policies or procedures in connection with, or in actions leading up to or related to, the FBI Director’s public announcement on July 5, 2016, and the Director’s letters to Congress on October 28 and November 6, 2016, and whether certain underlying investigative decisions were based on improper considerations.

The review also will examine allegations that the FBI Deputy Director should have been recused from participating in certain investigative matters; that DOJ’s Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs improperly disclosed non-public information and/or should have been recused from participating in certain matters; that other DOJ and FBI employees improperly disclosed nonpublic information; and that decisions regarding the timing of the FBI’s release of certain Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents on October 30 and November 1, 2016, and the use of a Twitter account to publicize this release, were influenced by improper considerations. The review will not substitute the OIG’s judgment for the judgments made by the FBI or the Department regarding the substantive merits of investigative or prosecutive decisions. If circumstances warrant, the OIG will consider including other issues that may arise during the course of the review.




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