Hillary Clinton Not A Democrat After All

Hillary Clinton is not a Democrat after all. That revelation comes from a story published on the CBS News website:

If Clinton’s description of Democrats is correct, then she is not a Democrat because she doesn’t fit the description.

Either that, or Clinton is displaying the pomposity that turns people away from politics.

Suppose that a high-profile Republican politician were to say, “Republicans stand for truth, evidence and facts.”

If such a Republican were to say that, then Democrats would scold the Republican for doing so. I would, too.

In a previous post, I say that some people have made politics their religion, which why so may politicians and political pundits have a holier-than-thou attitude.

Folks, no political party has a monopoly on truth, evidence and facts.

If the Greek goddess Nemesis were real, then more than a few politicians and political pundits would feel her wrath.

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