Bloggers Deal The Facts While NYT Spreads The Manure [Updated]

Having failed in their earlier attempt to frame the narrative, the party organ of the praetorians is fashioning the latest leaks of those praetorians into a narrative to pre-empt or explain away soften the blow of the storm which is lowering thundering down upon them.  This is an excellent example of what is wrong with the press Main Stream Media Lame Stream Media the democrats with bylines and their relationship with off the record sources who are the Deep State/praetorians.

Code Name Crossfire Hurricane: The Secret Origins of the Trump Investigation

Days after the F.B.I. closed its investigation into Hillary Clinton in 2016, agents began scrutinizing the presidential campaign of her Republican rival, Donald J. Trump.

By, Matt ApuzzoAdam Goldman, and Nicholas Fandos, Pravda West the New York Times

WASHINGTON — Within hours of opening an investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia in the summer of 2016, the F.B.I. dispatched a pair of agents to London on a mission so secretive that all but a handful of officials were kept in the dark.

Their assignment, which has not been previously reported, was to meet the Australian ambassador, who had evidence that one of Donald J. Trump’s advisers knew in advance about Russian election meddling. After tense deliberations between Washington and Canberra, top Australian officials broke with diplomatic protocol and allowed the ambassador, Alexander Downer, to sit for an F.B.I. interview to describe his meeting with the campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos.

The agents summarized their highly unusual interview and sent word to Washington on Aug. 2, 2016, two days after the investigation was opened. Their report helped provide the foundation for a case that, a year ago Thursday, became the special counsel investigation. But at the time, a small group of F.B.I. officials knew it by its code name: Crossfire Hurricane.

The name, a reference to the Rolling Stones lyric “I was born in a crossfire hurricane,” was an apt prediction of a political storm that continues to tear shingles off the bureau. Days after they closed their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, agents began scrutinizing the campaign of her Republican rival. The two cases have become inextricably linked in one of the most consequential periods in the history of the F.B.I.

Kimberly Strassel, who blew the whistle (while not naming) the CIA/FBI operative who framed the CI case for the FBI was quick to respond and covers the high points well:

1.  So a few important points on that new NYT “Hurricane Crossfire” piece. A story that, BTW, all of us following this knew had to be coming. This is DOJ/FBI leakers’ attempt to get in front of the facts Nunes is forcing out, to make it not sound so bad. Don’t buy it. It’s bad.
2.  Biggest takeaway: Govt “sources” admit that, indeed, the Obama DOJ and FBI spied on the Trump campaign. Spied. (Tho NYT kindly calls spy an “informant.”) NYT slips in confirmation far down in story, and makes it out like it isn’t a big deal. It is a very big deal.

[Excerpt from NYT Piece referenced]
…at least one government informant [Stefan Halper] met several times with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos, current and former officials said. That has become a politically contentious point, with Mr. Trump’s allies questioning whether the F.B.I. was spying on the Trump campaign or trying to entrap campaign officials.

3.  In self-serving desire to get a sympathetic story about its actions, DOJ/FBI leakers are willing to provide yet more details about that “top secret” source (namely, that spying was aimed at Page/Papadopoulos)–making all more likely/certain source will be outed. That’s on them
4.  DOJ/FBI (and its leakers) have shredded what little credibility they have in claiming they cannot comply with subpoena. They are willing to provide details to friendly media, but not Congress? Willing to risk very source they claim to need to protect?
5.  Back in Dec., NYT assured us it was the Papadopoulos-Downer convo that inspired FBI to launch official counterintelligence operation on July 31, 2016. Which was convenient, since it diminished the role of the dossier. However . . .
6.  Now NYT tells us FBI didn’t debrief downer until August 2nd. And Nunes says no “official intelligence” from allies was delivered to FBI about that convo prior to July 31. So how did FBI get Downer details? (Political actors?) And what really did inspire the CI investigation?
7.  As for whether to believe line that FBI operated soberly/carefully/judiciously in 2016, a main source for this judgment is, um . . .uh . . . Sally Yates. Who was in middle of it all. A bit like asking Putin to reassure that Russia didn’t meddle in our election.
8.  On that, if u r wondering who narrated this story, note paragraphs that assure everybody that hardly anybody in DOJ knew about probe. Oh, and Comey also was given few details. Nobody knew nothin’! (Cuz when u require whole story saying u behaved, it means u know you didn’t.)

I do hope y’all will pardon me, but my response (to the tired gray crone of Gotham) is “Bullshit.”  Messrs ApuzzoGoldman, and Fandos are purely repackaging the off the record information they have received without so much as double checking the timeline.  Strassel is much better on the facts, but she too relies entirely too much on off the record sources.

The close tracking and linkages demonstrated in the public sphere here have mostly been the hard work of bloggers such as “sundance” of the Conservative Tree House.

Here is the timeline I have assembled.  A few things should jump out at you.

2015 July 24  Inspector General of the State Department makes a security referral to the FBI “for an investigation regarding the fact that ‘classified information may exist on at least one private server and thumb drive that are not in the government’s possession.’ ”

2016 April 25  Clinton campaign first payment to Perkins Coie, funneled to FusionGPS.

2016 May 02  FBI Director James Comey circulates a first draft of his exoneration of Hillary Clinton.

2016 May 16  FBI Director James Comey circulates a revised draft of his exoneration of Hillary Clinton to a larger pool within the FBI/DoJ.

2016 May 16  Fusion GPS Hires Nellie Ohr [Nellie is the wife of DoJ NSD attorney Stephen Ohr].

2016 May 19  DOJ Official [Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik] Gives Hillary Campaign A Heads Up. Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Peter Kadzik sends an email to campaign head John Podesta about FOIA requests and Congressional hearings.

2016 June 12  Wikileaks announces they have Clinton emails.

2016 June 14  WaPo reports Russia responsible for hacking DNC.

2016 June 15  Gruccifer 2.0 (a Romanian) releases hacked Clinton emails.

2016 June 15  Steele hired by FusionGPS with Clinton funds.

2016 June 27  Bill Clinton meets with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on tarmac of Phoenix International Airport.

2016 July 01  Attorney General Loretta Lynch announces she will follow FBI’s recommendations in re Hillary Clinton’s e-mails.

2016 July 02  Hillary Clinton interviewed by FBI agents for 3.5 hours. No notes, no transcript.

2016 July 05  FBI Director James Comey holds press conference in which he exonerates Hillary Clinton.

2016 July 05  FIS Court denies FBI request for surveillance of Trump campaign.

2016 July 12  Carter Page first meets Halper at Cambridge symposium (Dearlove, Vin Weber, Madeleine Albright are speakers.)

2016 July 15  “Insurance” text between Strzok and Page

2016 July 31  FBI opens Counter Intelligence Investigation into “Russian Meddling” with 2016 Election.

2016 August 01  FBI Agent Strzok and another agent travel to London in furtherance of Counter Intelligence Investigation into “Russian Meddling” with 2016 Election.

2016 August 02  FBI Agent Strzok and another agent purportedly interview the Australian ambassador, who had evidence that one of Donald J. Trump’s advisers knew in advance about Russian election meddling.

2016 August 16  Halper meets with unnamed Trump campaign adviser

2016 September ??  “…three FBI agents awakened him in his home; at least one agent had worked with Deripaska on the aborted effort to rescue Levinson. During an hour-long visit, the agents posited a theory that Trump’s campaign was secretly colluding with Russia to hijack the U.S. election.”  Deripaska laughed at the notion.

2016 September 21 Steele briefed reporters from the New York Times, the Washington Post, Yahoo News, the New Yorker, and CNN on the contents of his “dossier.”

2016 September 21  A report in the Daily Mail claims Weiner has been maintaining an online relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

2016 September 2? Weiner attorney turns over copy of files to NYPD, among them are classified State Department e-mails and documents from Weiner/Abedin laptop.

2016 September 28  NYPD informs FBI (Strzok) that Weiner/Humadin laptop contains “hundreds of thousands” of State Department E-mails.

2016 October 07  First time Obama admin (Clapper/Johnson) blames Russia for DNC hack.

2016 October 21  FISC Grants Title 1 surveillance request against Carter Page.

2016 October 21  U.S. Attorney (SDNY) called Main Justice in DC (the DOJ National Security Division) to ask about why they were not receiving authority for a search warrant in re State Department emails.

2016 October 28  Comey informs Congress that Clinton E-Mail investigation re-opened due to documents on Weiner/Abedin laptop.

2016 November 06  Comey informs Congress that Clinton E-Mail investigation is closed again without charges.

2017 January 12  DoJ OIG Announces Initiation of Review of Clinton E-mail investigation (the beginning of the great unraveling).

Chief among those things:

  1.  The Clinton Campaign started paying Fusion GPS while the Clinton E-Mail “investigation” was ongoing.  It is worth noting that there was never a thorough review of the actual e-mails and that those forwarded by Weiner’s Attorney in September of 2016 were never examined in even a cursory manner.
  2.  The first draft of Director Comey’s exoneration of Hillary Clinton came before agents had interviewed Mrs. Clinton, and the eventual exoneration was based on a lack of intent where intent is not an element of the alleged crimes.
  3.  The FBI Counter Intelligence Division in the person of Agent Peter Strzok sat on the hundreds of thousands of emails provided by Weiner’s attorney until the U. S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York prodded the DoJ National Security Division, forcing Strzok to explain himself to Directory Comey and DoJ-NSD.  Threats from representatives of the NYPD to take the story public if it was not addressed investigatively caused Comey to “re-open” the investigation that effectively never was.
  4.  The first (that we know of) FISA surveillance request against the Trump Campaign (which was denied) was submitted to the FIS Court nearly a month before the FBI opened their Counter Intelligence Investigation.
  5.  Contra the tired gray crone of Gotham and Messrs ApuzzoGoldman, and Fandos more than a fortnight passed before Director Brennan of the CIA sent an Electronic Communication to the FBI in which he reports raw (un-reviewed, un-verified, un-analyzed) intelligence data that leads the FBI to open their Counter Intelligence Investigation on Carter Page.

None of this would have come to the light of day were it not for Inspector General Horrowitz’s investigation of the Clinton E-Mail Investigation.  Because of that investigation we became aware of the FBI’s criminal conduct, the abuse of FISA Intelligence, and the general corruption of the Executive Branch Agencies under the previous administration.  Nor will this be the end of the discoveries.


To the utter non-suprise of anyone who has been following this at all closely…

Via Paul Sperry on Twitter:

BREAKING: IG Horowitz has found “reasonable grounds” for believing there has been a violation of federal criminal law in the FBI/DOJ’s handling of the Clinton investigation/s and has referred his findings of potential criminal misconduct to [U. S. Attorney] Huber [and his team of prosecutors] for possible criminal prosecution

This in addition to the earlier referral by the HPSCI.

Hat Tip: sundance at the Conservative Tree House

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