Waiting For The LSM To Walk Back Their Walkback

First we were told that President Trump’s personal attorney (Cohen) was being “wire tapped.”

Then LSM walked it back to being a pen register (To/From/when/how long ,without content).

They’ll be walking that back very soon now as well.

IMPORTANT – Michael Caputo Explains How Clinton-Mueller Legal Attack Dogs Used the FISA Title-One Surveillance Warrant…

By sundance, The Conservative Treehouse

…Mr. Caputo notes the Clinton-Mueller team have the personal emails, phone call logs, communications and even text messages of every targeted member of the investigation. This little factoid is jaw-droppingly important because [it] highlights the underlying reason why Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein needed to grant a July 2017 extension of the Title-1 FISA surveillance warrant (initiated against Carter Page); that was actually being utilized by the FBI to conduct political surveillance of these same Trump officials.

Without the July 2017 FISA extension, Robert Mueller would have not have predicate investigative authority to reach into the accounts of his targets and extract their personal communication.  Mueller would have needed to go to court for a search warrant; he is conducting a criminal investigation; he would have needed probable cause.  However, by applying the 2016 extended FISA Title-1 warrant, the Clinton-Mueller special counsel use the previous legal authority to extract all the information they wanted to review.

The relevance of the FISA process abuses has just notched up two orders of magnitude.  A broad investigatory tool intended for use against agents of foreign powers (against known agents in order to roll up their supporting cells) has been subverted using opposition research paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign to allow democrat operatives embedded in the FBI and DoJ civil service leadership to monitor the communications of the President Elect (now the President of the United States) close advisers, including one of his personal attorneys.  The Deputy Attorney General (Rosenstein) has refused to provide an un-redacted copy of his letter authorizing the Special Counsel and defining his investigatory objective and limitations because that document turned over an ongoing National Security Investigation which was baseless.

It’s all been a pack of lies.

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