Mossad Penetrates Iran, Proves Fraud Of Iran Nuclear Deal

Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold.

One must wonder what the CIA was doing as the faithless feckless former President was giving it all away…

‘IRAN LIED’: Netanyahu Reveals Israel Smuggled 100,000 Nuclear Documents Out Of Iran. Iran Had An Ongoing Nuclear Program.

By Ben Shapiro, the Daily Wire

On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced to the world that Israel had carried out a stunning intelligence operation: their agents had smuggled tens of thousands of physical documents about Iran’s nuclear program out of Iran itself. Those “half a ton” of documents demonstrate Iran’s ongoing nuclear program, and the fact that the Obama administration lied constantly and repeatedly to the public about Iran’s newfound moderation in order to scam the public into approving Obama’s Iran nuclear deal – a deal that allowed Iran to maximize its regional power with income from the West.

Netanyahu announced, “Iran lied. Big time. After signing the nuclear deal in 2015, Iran intensified its efforts to hide its secret nuclear files.” Netanyahu said that a dilapidated warehouse contained Iran’s nuclear files: “55,000 pages, another 55,000 files on 188 CDs.” The files included incriminating documents, charts, and presentations.

Quite the intelligence coup. Israel’s Mossad has not only made the Iranians look like fools and poltrooons, they have also revealed those who treated with them to be fools and worse.

Behold the legacy of the faithless feckless former President, exposed for the lie it was by the foreign head of state the former President attempted to force out of office.

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