Maybe We’re Living In The Onion

Please don’t adjust your monitor. The Democrats really are that stupid.

So what is it this time?

First, a little background.

The media hasn’t been happy to report this fact, but Bob Mueller has told Trump (via Rosenstein) that he is not the target of his investigation.

Meanwhile, Jim Comey and Andrew McCabe have begun pointing fingers at each other as both look likely to face criminal indictments.

Bad times for the Democrats. So what do they do?

Why, sue everybody, of course!

The Democratic National Committee today announced a lawsuit against the Trump 2016 Campaign, Wikileaks, and “Russia” (yeah, I don’t know how you sue a whole country) for their loss in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

We’re not working with people grounded in reality.

Look, Mueller is winding up his investigation, and will deliver his report to Congress by July.

Report: Mueller’s office hoping to submit report on Trump and obstruction of justice in June or July

Spoiler alert – Trump will be just fine.

So why are the Democrats suing?

When you wade through all the hypocritical whining from Tom Perez (DNC high-chair tantrum manager)

and his bitterness quiets down into dismal depression,

it turns out the DNC is, well, going broke.

Turns out losing made it hard to gouge donors for money, and frankly the Democrats don’t look like a good investment in the near future, either.

Gotta be depressing for the DNC.

Considering the evidence we’ve all seen concerning the election, ‘collusion’, and whatnot, the outcome of of this lawsuit seems foregone. But the Democrats are as much in denial about the facts, as they continue to be about the 2016 election, so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised to see them recycle a certain candidate in 2020.

Maybe Rod Serling could moderate the debates.

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