Stupid Is As Mueller Does

The train wreck is on the way …

You have probably read or heard by now, that the FBI raided the office, home, and hotel room of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The liberals, as you may expect, are once again gloating that this is the beginning of the end for President Trump.

In fact, it could easily prove to be Robert Mueller’s biggest blunder, in a season of faceplants.

We all know well, by now, how Robert Mueller turned a blind eye – at best – to deliberate attempts to skew the investigation into a witch hunt against President Trump. Strzok and Page’s texts, McCabe’s lies, and so on have been an embarrassing series of blunders for an ostensibly unbiased Special Counsel. A reasonable course would have been for Mueller to fire those clowns as soon as he learned of their unethical behavior. Indeed, that is what Mueller says he did, although the timing is suspicious, because Mueller did not officially ‘notice’ the bias until media reports revealed the corruption.

Note also that Mueller made no apology for the behavior of his staff. That was also a bad decision by Mueller.

But wait! That’s what the liberals will say, reminding us that the FBI raised Cohen, not Mueller.

Interestingly, at the same time the FBI announced the raid, they also mentioned that they were operating on a tip from … Robert Mueller.

Why does this matter?

Cohen is Trump’s personal lawyer. Normally, communications between an attorney and client are protected. It’s a very big deal if that privilege is violated.

The ‘tip’ from Mueller is that Cohen paid off Daniels on instructions from Trump. That is a very dangerous charge.

The problem for Mueller starts with whether or not that happened. If it did not happen, Mueller lied to the FBI to get a warrant, and that is potentially a big problem for Mueller. Keep this in mind.

If Trump did instruct Cohen to pay Daniels (and again, this is just speculation, there is no evidence for it right now), but did not put it in writing, again this makes Mueller look bad. Instead of Trump having to prove his innocence, Mueller becomes a suspect in a criminal investigation.

Never forget that Cohen and Trump have worked together for years. Is anybody stupid enough to think they did not consider that an enemy might try something like this raid to go after Trump? Well, apparently Bob Mueller is that stupid.

Don’t be surprised if today’s stunt results in someone resigning in disgrace. But if that happens, it’s going to be Bob Mueller that ends up shamed and jobless.

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