On Conspiracies

I like to read conspiracy theories from time time, especially original ones and funny ones. It’s strange to see how some ridiculous theories gain hold of people’s minds and just won’t let go.

The 9/11 Truthers, for example

This theory is absurd on its face, and has been debunked many times by people who know the facts.




But really, just common sense should have told any reasonable person 9/11 could not have been “an inside job”.

Thousands of witnesses saw the planes hit. Only Flight 93 could possibly have crashed in any way different from the official version.

The radar tracks of all four planes was known and constant from their takeoff to crash.

The forensic evidence is indisputable.

I could go on, but that horse is dead.

So why do so many people still believe that crap?

A lot of it is because they hate George Bush. But a lot of people are crazy-addicted to conspiracy theories. I mean, there’s even a group trying to tell folks the Moon does not exist.

So why am I bringing up the subject of absurd conspiracy theories now? Well, the nuts are still at it. Specifically, the Trump haters.

Like this guy:

The claims are getting sillier all the time. So what’s next?

Eventually, most of the nuts will realize they are making fools of themselves. For now, just enjoy the show and be careful you don’t fall for any silly theories yourself.

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