Another Tie To The Former President

Now this is interesting.

REVEALED: Obama Campaign Hired Fusion GPS To Investigate Romney

By Chuck Ross, the Daily Caller

  • A new book claims former President Barack Obama hired Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Romney
  • Obama used law firm Perkins Coie to hide payment to Fusion GPS
  • The Clinton campaign would later do the same thing to investigate Trump

The Barack Obama presidential campaign hired Fusion GPS in 2012 to dig up dirt on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, according to a book released on Tuesday.

The Obama campaign hid its payments to Fusion GPS through its law firm, Perkins Coie. The arrangement is similar to the one that the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee used to pay Fusion for its investigation of then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

To date the evidence linking Obama and his campaign to Fusion GPS and the “Steele Dossier” has been more inferential and circumstantial than direct.  Now it seems that he or his campaign recommended the purveyors of dirt to the campaign of Madam Former Secretary.

Any comments on Russia or Russian Collusion will be summarily deleted.

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