VDH Compares FISA Abuse To Watergate

I delayed writing about this article as I take issue with it on several levels.  Since my rebuttal piece is taking rather longer than I hoped, I’ll instead present it alone for your consideration.

By Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution Journal
Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Watergate break-in is now 45 years old. The scandal is as distant from our own time as it was once from 1928. The median age of Americans is about 38 years old. Half of all Americans were likely born after the break-in. But Watergate is hardly ancient history.

The fumes of Watergate waft around the current FISA-gate scandal. The now septuagenarians Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, of All the President’s Men fame, are back in the news. As seasoned crusading reporters, they currently offer admonitions that Donald Trump is replaying the role of a supposedly paranoid and imperious Richard Nixon.

But is he? The two investigative journalists who first brought Watergate to public attention are certainly not wrong about parallels—but not in the way they imagine. FISA-gate is becoming Watergate turned upside down. The respective roles of the government, liberal Democrats, civil libertarians, and the White House are now reversed—and this turnaround is, in a strange way, redefining Watergate itself.

The article definitely deserves a read.  As I said, I take issue with this article on several levels and will respond in full soon.


Sara A. Carter makes the cases both for and against an Independent Counsel to investigate FISA abuse.


[Update ii]

Sessions has appointed a non DC Based DoJ Prosecutor to investigate the HPSCI charges.

Note he does not say when he did so.  My wager is that it was not today, nor this week, nor this month.

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